jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

         You never really understand how bearable pain is until you’ve been consumed by it. Until you’ve felt it over and over again. After a while it becomes familiar. Greet your sadness like an old friend. There is no escape, so embrace it. Fall apart under the weight it inflicts upon you, weight like bricks, like cars, like tonnes of guilt and remorse in a tangible form. Let it hold you down until you’re so exhausted that you think you will crumble trying to support your own weight. Let it take you as far as you can go, and then, fight back. Fight back and win. Win,win for once in this battle.

And then just live.
Live for the moments when you know you don’t want to live anymore, live in spite of that.
Live because it hurts. 
Live because if it hurts, it means you’re still here.

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